Luminex 200 Total System


200 Total System

The total system includes the Luminex 200 instrument, the Luminex XY plate handling platform, and the Luminex SD sheath fluid delivery system, software and PC. A professional Training Session for one person is included.

Built on xMAP® technology, this system allows multiplexing of up to 100 analytes in a single well of a microtiter plate and is compatible with kits designed for the Luminex 100 instrument. Enhancements over the Luminex 100 instrument include tool-free sample probe height adjustment, an XYP alignment guide, and a high-performance compressor.

The Luminex System is a flexible analyzer based on the principles of flow cytometry that is designed to meet the needs of laboratory medicine and the care of patients, as well being used in the research environment. The system enables you to multiplex (simultaneously measure) up to 100 analytes in a single microplate well, using very small sample volumes. The system delivers fast and cost-effective bioassay results on many assay formats including nucleic acid assays, receptor-ligand assays, immunoassays and enzymatic assays.

The Luminex System is the combination of three core xMAP technologies. The first is xMAP microspheres, a family of 100 fluorescently dyed 5.6 micron-sized polystyrene microspheres that act as both the identifier and the solid surface to build the assay. The second is a flow cytometry-based instrument, the Luminex analyzer, which integrates key xMAP detection components such as lasers, optics, advanced fluidics and high-speed digital signal processors. The third component is the IS 2.3 software, which is designed for template-based data acquisition with robust data regression analysis - ideal for the clinical laboratory setting.

The Luminex 200 System has a device master file (DMF) on file at the FDA, and kits developed by Luminex strategic partners that have received 510(k) clearance from the FDA can be used on the Luminex 200 system for diagnostic purposes.
200 Total System
Detection Mode Mid-level
Depth 20 in
Height 9.5 in
Width 17 in
Power Requirements 100 - 120 V~ ±10%, 1.4 Amp, and 200 - 240 V~ ±10%, 0.8 Amp, 47 – 63 Hz
Weight 60 lbs
Additional Specifications Accuracy and Precision
Sample uptake volume: ±5%
Classification of microspheres: >80%
Misclassification of microspheres: = 2%. May vary by xMAP microsphere product lines. Refer to the specific product information sheet for further details.
Temperature control: 0°C to +2°C of target
Internal sample carryover: <0.9%
Soluble background fluorescence emissions at 575 nm automatically subtracted from fluorescence intensity values

Detect 1000 fluorochromes phycoerythrin (PE) per xMAP microsphere
Reporter channel dynamic range: 3.5 decades of detection

Reporter laser: 532 nm, nominal output 10 - 15 mW, maximum 500 mW, frequency-doubled diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)
Classification laser: 635 nm, 9.1 ± 6%, maximum output 25 mW, diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)
Reporter detector: Photomultiplier tube, detection bandwidth of 565 – 585 nm
Classification detector and doublet discriminator: Avalanche photo diodes with temperature compensation

Sheath flow rate: 90 µL ± 5 µL/second
Cuvette: 200 micron square flow channel
Sample injection rate: 1 µL/second
Sample update volume: 20 – 200 µL
Operating Conditions: 15°C to 30°C, 20% to 80% RH, noncondensing, Operation up to 2400 m (7874 ft.) above mean sea level

Installation: < 4 hours
System calibration: < 10 minutes
System warm up: 30 minutes. Systems that remain inactive for at least four hours will require a warm-up to restart the lasers. After acquiring sample, running system calibrators, running system controls or warming up the instrument, the system resets the four-hour internal clock.

The specifications below reflect minimum capacity values:
- Analyze multiple 96-well plates per batch
- Analyze multiple assay templates per plate
- Automatic sampling from a 96-well plate. The following microtiter plates are compatible with the Luminex XY Platform plate holder: flatbottom, conical,
round, filter bottom, half plates, overall height no more than 0.75” (19mm), any color.
Sheath container and waste container hold enough volume to run up to two 96-well plates between refills.
- Distinguish a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 100 unique xMAP microsphere sets in a single sample
- Detect and distinguish surface reporter fluorescence emissions at 575 nm on the surface of 1-100 unique xMAP microsphere sets in a single sample

PC Specifications
Intel Pentium IV or equivalent class PC, minimum speed 933 MHz
Main memory: minimum of 256 MB
Hard disk drive: 10 GB minimum storage capacity
Communication/Ports: minimum of one parallel port, 2 RS-232 compatible serial ports, and one USB version 1.1 compatible high speed port
Read, write and removable media: CDR/W drive
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2
CE marked and UL listed
Two-button mouse or equivalent


  • All that the Luminex 100 system is and more!
  • New Vertical probe height adjustment - enables user ease through simplified probe adjustment – no tools required!
  • Precision - machined alignment plate through to the XYP – enhances alignment, decreases time required to align and improves reliable placement of sample probe.
  • Removable front bezel – enables quick access to front of instrument and minimizes exposure to inner workings of the instrument.
  • Painted fluidics compartment and new, hard feet – minimizes potential for corrosion and improves overall system alignment, respectively.
  • New air compressor – provides quieter operation and improved reliability.
  • Other quality improvements – to improve reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • Diagnostic Use - For use with partners’ xMAP-based 510(k) cleared assays and software applications


Luminex® 200™

Luminex® 200™

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Luminex Corporation was incorporated in May 1995 and began commercial production of our first generation system in 1997. Luminex® develops, manufactures...

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