Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent


Fluoroskan Ascent

The Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan® Ascent is a computer-controlled microplate fluorometer for life science research applications, such as fluorometric protein and enzyme studies, molecular interactions, nucleic acid quantification, reporter gene, fluorometric kinase, immuno and cell based assays.    
Fluoroskan Ascent is a compact and robust instrument with excellent optical performance for variety of research applications offering versatile plate formats, fast reading speeds, up to three dispensers and top / bottom reading of plates.    
Ordering Information:    
5210470: Fluoroskan Ascent     
5210480: Fluoroskan Ascent with one dispenser     
5210482: Fluoroskan Ascent with two dispensers     
5210483: Fluoroskan Ascent with three dispensers
Fluoroskan Ascent
Detection Mode Fluorescence Intensity
Detector Photomultiplier tube
Filters Excitation: Up to eight in the excitation filter wheel. 355 nm and 485 nm filters included as standard. Other filters available upon request. Emission: Up to eight in the emission filter wheel. 460 nm and 538 nm filters included as standard. Other filters available upon request.
Lighting Quartz-halogen lamp
Sample Formats 1 - 384-well plates
Scanning Speed 15 s, 96-well plate
Shaking Pattern Orbital shaker
Wavelength Selection Filters
Microplate Size 384-well
Shaking Yes
Software External
Temperature Control No
Depth 16.5 in
Height 13.4 in
Width 16.5 in
Weight 46 lbs
Additional Specifications Note: 3 optional dispensers add 7.7 lbs to the weight.    
Sensitivity: 2 fmol fluorescein/well in a black 96-well plate    
Dynamic range: >6 decades    
Number of dispensers: Up to 3    
Dispensing volume: 1-1000 µl in 1 µl increments.    
Dispensing speed: 25 s, 96-well plate, 5 µl/well    
Accuracy: ±3 µl average for volumes 5 µl and above    
Precision: 5-19 µl < 5%, 20-1000 µl < 2%     
General features    
User interface: Requires, but does not include a personal computer    
Computer interface: Serial RS-232C port


Fast reading speed    
  • Enables the most rapid throughput    
  • Great for a wide variety of applications, such as cytotoxicity, ion channel and FRET    
Onboard dispensers for exact follow-up of kinetic reactions
  • Equipped with up to three reagent dispensers for fast kinetic assays, such as Ca2+ flux    
  • Supports simultaneous dispensing and reading, enabling monitoring of fast kinetic measurements from the very start of the reaction    
  • Very low dead volume and the backflush capability allow conservation of expensive reagents    
High sensitivity for both top and bottom reading    
  • Fiberless direct illumination optics for both top and bottom reading    
  • Ensures a high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and accurate and precise results for 1- to 384-well plates    
Specially designed for automation    
  • To increase assay throughput, the Fluoroskan Ascent can read up to 384-well plates    
  • Easily integrated with automated systems    
Includes: PC Software and filter pairs: Excitation: 355nm/Emission: 460nm, Excitation: 485nm/ Emission: 538nm    
Warranty and Service Offering: 1 year    
Recommended for: Ca2+ flux assays; Cell proliferation; Cytotoxicity; Multi-drug resistance; Cell adhesion; DNA quantitation; Reporter gene assays; Hybridization assays; Quantitation of PCR products; FRET assays; Molecular beacon assays; Immunoassays; Enzyme activity; Neonatalogy; Bacterial quantitation; Phagocytosis; Oligonucleotide assays; ADMEtox


Fluoroskan® Ascent

Fluoroskan® Ascent

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Hi, I would like please to know how I can fix the filter of excitation and emission for fluorescence measurement of Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent ? Thanks in advance.


I need an online instrument manual.

Fluoroskan Acsent freezing up

What would cause the Fluoroskan to freeze up and not auto save the data? This has happened twice, both after a 10 day kinetics run.

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