Beckman Coulter DTX 800/880 Series


DTX 800/880 Series

The DTX 800/880 Series Multimode Detectors provide unmatched value and flexibility for a variety of application and automation needs, capable of performing:  
  • Fluorescence detection, time-resolved fluorescence, and fluorescence polarization  
  • Luminescence detection (glow luminescence)  
  • Absorbance detection in the visible range (340 nm to 650 nm, DTX 800) or UV and visible range (230 nm to 750 nm, DTX 880)  
  • Scan measurement types: endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelength, linear scan and area scan  
  • Linear shaking (DTX 800)  
  • Orbital shaking (DTX 880)  
The DTX Series can operate as standalone instruments or can be integrated seamlessly with Beckman Coulter's Biomek® Laboratory Automation Workstations. The DTX Series is ideal for a broad range of Systems Biology applications, including drug discovery, genomics, proteomics and cell-based research. The unique optics design (patents pending) ensures precise performance and sensitivity across all detection modes. The instruments facilitate easy integration with automated liquid handling systems via a choice of plate loading options. These include an extra-wide plate access door, and the ability to accept plates in portrait or landscape formats. In addition, the detectors' intuitive software platform provides instrument control and easy protocol development, as well as compatibility with Beckman Coulter's Biomek software program.  
The DTX Series of detectors includes:  
  • DTX 800 Multimode Detector  
    The DTX 800 features fluorescence intensity (top reading), absorbance (visible) and glow luminescence for 96- to 384-well plates, as well as linear and orbital shaking. Users can program endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelength, linear scan and area scan measurement types. Easily accessible six-position filter slides enable wavelength selection from 340 nm to 650 nm.  
  • DTX 880 Multimode Detector  
    The DTX 880 features fluorescence intensity (top and bottom reading), time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, absorbance (UV and visible), glow luminescence and temperature control for 6-384-well plates. In addition, the instrument also features linear and orbital shaking, plus temperature control. Users can program endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelength, linear scan and area scan measurement types. Easily accessible six-position filter slides enable wavelength selection from 230 nm to 750 nm.  
DTX 800/880 Series
Detection Mode Mid-level
Detector Silicon Photodiode and PMT
Filters 1 EX + 1 EM Filter Slides (6 filter capacity)
Lighting High-power LEDs
Read Method Endpoint, Kinetic, Linear Scan, Area Scan
Sample Formats 96-384 well plates
Scanning Speed 18sec/96well; 37sec/384well
Shaking Pattern Linear + Orbital (3 speeds)
Depth 58 cm
Height 24 cm
Width 39 cm
Power Requirements 100-240VAC; 50/60Hz
Weight 55.1 lbs
Additional Specifications Fluorescence Intensity-Top Read  
Detection limit (96-well plate): 10 fmol/200 µl fluorescein  
Detection limit (384-well plate): 5 fmol/100µl fluorescein  
Linear dynamic range: 5 decades  
Read time (fly mode): 18sec/96well; 37sec/384well  
Luminescence (Glow)  
Detection limit (96-well plate): 2 fmol ATP  
Linear dynamic range: 5 decades  
Read time (fly mode): 18sec/96well; 37sec/384well  
Indication range: 0-3.5 OD  
Accuracy: <+1%+10mOD at 2 OD  
Reproducibility: <+0.5% and +0.005 OD at 2 OD  
Operating System  
CPU: Pentium II 300Mhz  
RAM: 128MB min, 256MB recommended  
Hard drive: 150MB free space  
Serial port: 1 free port  
Operating systems: Windows NT4, 2000, XP


Flexibility for multiple applications  
  • Perform various assays with multiple modes on one reader  
    - Save valuable automation bench space with one reader  
    - Ability to grow/easily adopt new assays  
  • Multiple detection modes, including time-resolved fluorescence and fluorescence polarization  
  • Accommodates 6-384 well plate formats  
  • Versatility in plate presentation for automation needs  
  • Stand alone or integrated usage  
  • Software enables easy programming of protocol parameters  
Excellent performance across all detection modes  
  • High specifications for sensitivity, dynamic range, accuracy, precision and linearity  
  • Innovative optics designed for high performance  
    - High-power LED light sources provide application-specific wavelengths  
    - Optics components close together to improve precision and minimize background  
  • High-precision plate transport system increases accuracy  
Easy automation integration with Biomek platform  
  • Integration with Biomek FXP/FX, Biomek NXP/NX and Biomek 3000  
  • Highest flexibility available for plate presentation  
    - Portrait and landscape plate format  
  • Compatibility with Biomek and SAMI® software  
Supports multimode detection  
  • Intuitive navigation  
  • Microsoft* Outlook* style interface and software wizards  
  • Flexible data options, including:  
    - Real-time data display  
    - 2-D and 3-D data graphs  
    - Data export to Microsoft* Excel and data file  
Unmatched value  
  • Multiple detection modes with one instrument, including:  
    - Bottom read and time-resolved fluorescence, plus fluorescence polarization (DTX 880)  
  • Flexible integration/automation capabilities  
  • Backed by Beckman Coulter sales, service, and support  


DTX 800/880

DTX 800/880

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