Pharmatest USA PTWS120D Entry Level Dissolution Apparatus


PTWS120D Entry Level Dissolution Apparatus

The Pharma Test PTWS 120D (single drive) and PTWS 120S (individual vessel RPM control) is a compact, 6 vessel USP Apparatus 1 and 2 dissolution testing apparatus that complies with the latest USP and FDA regulations. It's compact and space saving design is sure to impress in today's crowded dissolution laboratories. The PTWS 120D is our cost-effective alternative to other vendor's higher priced models.


  • Fully compliant to the latest USP and ASTM E2503-07 for Mechanical Qualifications       
  • 6 vessels with excellent access to all vessels for manual sampling       
  • Single drive or Individual speed control for all vessels       
  • Individual RPM control is a powerful tool used for method development        
  • Large color, touchscreen display for complete dissolution test control for methods, user rights and qualifications       
  • Pharma Test MonoShaft™ design includes serialized Spin On/Off Paddle and Basket Shafts       
  • 3-point individual vessel centering system       
  • Centrally located electronic lift drive       
  • Vacuum moulded water bath can easily be removed from the support frame for fast cleaning        
  • Integrated printer       
  • Ultra-Fast bath heating with powerful, yet quiet, stainless steel-housed circulation pump with vibration-free transmission       
  • Includes IQ/OQ documentation with 2 year warranty
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