Pharmatest USA Pharma Test PTB 303/502 Tablet Hardness Tester


Pharma Test PTB 303/502 Tablet Hardness Tester

The PTB 302 is one of the most widely used digital tablet hardness testers on the market. For over 40 years, this model has withstood the test of time. The predecessor of the PTB302 was the very first electronic tablet hardness tester ever made and can still be found in operation today. You might even recognize the PTB 302 as the Key International HT300 and HT500 models.   
The PTB302 is manufactured with a stainless steel housing and built-in thermo-printer. It's simple push button operation and rugged design, makes it ideal for even the dustiest of production areas. The PTB302 complies to the USP and EP monographs.   
With a throughput of approximately 6 to 10 samples per minute, PTB 302 comes with either a 300N load cell (3-30 Kp) or 500 N load cell (5-50 Kp) and can measure in Newtons, Strong-Cobb or Kilopond. The instrument features linear force increase mode and a RS232 interface for data output. No change of the test jaws is required and is sutiable for all sizes and shapes if tbalets. An optioanl modification can be supplied to test larger tablet sizes of up to 70mm.


  • Built-in Thermo printer for immediate results   
  • Displays results in N, Sc and Kp   
  • Operator friendly, sealed tight to keep out tablet debsris and dust   
  • No change of tools required, the design of the jaws handles all kinds of tablet shapes   
  • Automated re-start feature to speed up the testing sequence   
  • Stainless steel housing   
  • 2 year warranty with IQOQ documentation included
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