Pharmatest USA PTB M Manual Tablet Hardness Tester


PTB M Manual Tablet Hardness Tester

The PTB-M is a manual and portable digital tablet hardness testing instrument. It is very easy to use. Simply place the tablet on the testing platform and rotate the knob by hand. The jaw will move and force will be applied to the sample. The force is monitored electronically and displayed at the moment of breakage. The hardness value is displayed on the four digit LED display in either Newton (N), Kilopond (Kp), StrongCobb (Sc) or Pounds (Lb). The unit of measure can be changed by pressing one button on the instruments control panel. The sample dish is also easy to load and clean and made of steel to prevent breakage. Tablets are placed directly in front of the load cell to prevent misalignment especially for odd shaped tablets.   
The PTB-M is portable and can be operted by battery or power adapter. With the optional PT-RP80 printer a report can be printed of the results and statistics.   
Calibration of the PTB-M is carried out using the certified PTB-CAL15 weight set and only takes a few minutes for a 3-point calibration. The PTB-M is made in strict compliance with the EP and USP for Tablet Breaking Force.


  • Compact, stainless steel, durable instrument   
  • Very easy to use, immediate results   
  • Portable with 9V battery or supplied power adapter   
  • Fully USP and EP compliant   
  • Hardness Range from 5 N to approx. 300 N (500N load cell available)   
  • Accuracy: 0.1 N   
  • Resolution: 0.1 N/0.01 Kp   
  • Test tablet sizes of up to 28mm diameter   
  • Includes a 4 digit LED display and indicator for selected unit   
  • Connect PT-RP80 report printer to document the results (optional)   
  • 3 point Calibration program included
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