Pharmatest USA WHT 3ME Fully Automated Weight, Thickness and Hardness Tester


WHT 3ME Fully Automated Weight, Thickness and Hardness Tester

The WHT 3ME instrument is designed to automatically measure the four critical tablet parameters - weight, thickness, diameter (or length) and hardness. The WHT 3ME features several unique tablet features that offer trouble-free automated tablet handling and measurment.     
1. Tablet Positioning “flaps” for correct orientation of oblongs, caplets or other odd shaped samples     
2. Tablet Carousel for tablet transport to each of the testing stations     
3. Tablet Transport track using soft vibration to separate the tablets and introduce them into the tablet Carousel     
4. Single or Ten Batch Feeder - Simply place your samples in each container or the single container for automated batch testing     
The WHT 3ME is controlled by the WHT 32 software which features many adjustable parameters to reliably test most shapes and forms of tablets. WHT32 can be upgraded to be fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, including user administration and audit trail features. The testing procedure for each sample is stored as a method including instrument control information such as force increase rate for the hardness test, break detection, transport speed of the feeder, movement of the flaps as well as product descriptive information. All test results are immediately displayed, filed and presented as reports including statistical information and batch comparison features. For further calculations export to Excel is supported. Also available are network and LIMS data transfer options.


  • Fully complies to the latest USP and EP regulations     
  • Test weight, thickness, diameter and hardness of tablets automatically for hundreds of tablets     
  • Dual force mode instrument with linear speed increase and linear force increase modes     
  • Multi and single batch feeders available     
  • 300N (3-30 Kp) and 500 (5-50 Kp) load cells available     
  • WHT32 offers full 21CFR part 11 compliance and networkability     
  • Unique flap mechanism to precisely position samples for hardness and diameter test     
  • No change of tools necessary to handle different tablet shapes     
  • Stainless steel housing well suited for production environments     
  • 2 year warranty and IQOQ documentation included
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