Pharmatest USA PTZS Single Basket Disintegration Tester


PTZS Single Basket Disintegration Tester

The most basic and cost effective instrument in the Tablet, Capsule and Soft Gel Disintegration Tester range which is ideal for limited budgets. The PTZ-S conforms to the latest specifications of USP for Tablets and Capsules as well as USP for Dietary Supplement Testing. We offer both Apparatus A - six sample baskets and Apparatus B - three sample baskets with USP fluted disks. With an ultra-quiet, vibration free operation, the PTZS can be programmed to run for pre-set times with a digital display for the elapsed test time.


  • Fully USP and EP compliant      
  • Single station, cost-effective simple operation     
  • Stainless steel housing     
  • Clear-view Plexiglass water bath for excellent visibility of samples     
  • Quiet and vibration free      
  • Water circulation system fully protected from overheating     
  • Includes IQOQ documentation with a 2 year warranty
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