Pharmatest USA PTZAutoEZ Series - Fully Automated Detection Disintegration Testers


PTZAutoEZ Series - Fully Automated Detection Disintegration Testers

The PTZ AUTOEZ series of fully automated tablet, soft-gel, and capsule disintegration testing intruments come in either a 1 basket (PTZAuto1), 2 basket ( PTZAuto2), 3 basket, (PTZAuto3) or 4 basket (PTZAuto4) model. The PTZAutoEZ units detect when the sample has completely disintegration and is a walkaway solution to automating this testing requirement.    
How does Automated Detection work?   
Depending on which basket is required, the PTZAutoEZ offers the PT-MKT (automated 6 sample basket) and the PT-MKT33 (automated 3 sample basket). These electronic baskets are equipped with a temperature sensor to monitor the disintegration temperature, regardless of how many vessels there are in operation. The operational concept of the electronic basket types are simple in design and operate through electrical contacts in each of the 6 or 3 working positions of each basket. This is an easy to maintain device and offers the user the additional security that any of the electronic disks may be used in any of the disintegration tubes. As the sample disitegrates, tiny metal rings on the bottom of the USP fluted disks make contact with the mesh of the bottom of the basket. As the connection is made, the individual disintegration time is recored. This is fully compliant to USP that states that automated baskets can be used. At the test end when all samples have disintegrated, the basket automatically raises and a report is printed. A full test report includes individual disintegration times, basket ID, temperature, maximum and minimum times as well as a time/date stamp and user signature.   
All of the PTZ AUTO series of semi-automated tablet disintegration test instruments meet the specifications of USP , USP and EP for both Apparatus A - six sample basket and Apparatus B - three sample basket.


  • Fully USP , USP and EP compliant   
  • Automated detection of disinegration endpoint eliminates the guesswork   
  • Individual disintegration times can be printed   
  • Works with tablets, capsules and soft gels   
  • Comes in 1, 2, 3 and 4 basket configurations    
  • Independent movement of all stations   
  • Automated lift to raise samples out of the medium at the end of a test   
  • Automated time log when disintegration is seen   
  • Ultra-quiet and vibration free   
  • GMP comliant stainless steel housing   
  • Upgradeable to fully-automated detection
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