ESPEC NEW Typhoon 2.5+


NEW Typhoon 2.5+

ESPEC Qualmark’s NEW Typhoon 2.5 Plus is a popular chamber with a 30”x 30” vibration table. This table size is good for Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) applications and many Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) applications. The table can be mounted in an upper or lower position, to suit different product and ergonomic requirements.
NEW Typhoon 2.5+
Depth 61.6 in
Height 86.4 in
Width 46.8 in
Power Requirements 480V, 440V 3? 50/60Hz, 60A (Service Rating); 400V, 380V 3? 50/60Hz 80A (Service Rating)
Additional Specifications Temperature Range: 20 to -100 degrees celcius   
Table Size: 30 in x 30 in    
Acceleration: 5 – 75 gRMS   
Table Capacity: 320 lb (145 kg)   
Actuators: 8 pneumatic, impulse-type, lubricant-free actuators   
Air Requirements: 60 SCFM @ 85 psi (1.80 m3/min. at 5.9 bar)   
Thermal Ramp Rate: 70°C/min average



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ESPEC has been building test chambers in the United States since 1983. We are part of the ESPEC Group, which includes manufacturing facilities in Japan...

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