Anton Paar DMA™ 5000 M density meter


DMA™ 5000 M density meter

With its six-digit accuracy DMA™ 5000 M is the most precise digital density meter you can get. The patented Repeated Fade-out Method delivers the most stable density results based on comprehensive knowledge of the oscillation characteristics. The influence of viscosity is compensated twice as effectively as ever before. It is ideal for your high-end R&D applications and sets the tone at authorities as well as standards organizations.


A revolutionary measuring principle for the most accurate density meter in the world         
The unique design of the measuring cell, a novel way of evaluating the oscillation characteristics, and many other innovative features lead to the following:         
Leading viscosity correction         
  • Automatic viscosity correction across the entire viscosity range of samples         
  • Eliminates viscosity-related errors twice as effectively as ever before         
  • No viscosity standards required         
    The most excellent repeatability and reproducibility         
  • Repeatability up to the 7th digit         
  • 100 % improved reproducibility          
  • Optimized production process due to minimized loss of sample         
  • Unbeatable efficiency in your workflows         
    ThermoBalance™ temperature management         
  • No temperature-related fluctuations          
  • No temperature-related aging effects on the measuring cell         
  • Change between temperatures quickly without drifts and rely on immediate temperature stability         
    The benchmark for density measurement         
    DMA™ 5000 M is the go-to product for the highest authorities when perfection is required. The unshakeable density results from DMA™ 5000 M are essential in work at:         
  • Standards organizations         
  • Government laboratories         
  • Major distilleries and taxation offices         
  • High-end research in all industrial branches         
    The most in-depth insight into your samples         
  • The U-View™ camera feature displays and stores live images of the oscillating U-tube sensor and the entire filled-in sample so you have the details at hand any time you want         
  • The unique combination of U-View™ and FillingCheck™, the automatic real-time bubble detection feature, monitors the entire measurement sequence and allows later verification of the results, which is particularly useful when using automatic sampling systems
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    Density Drift

    Within two weeks of installing this new DMA 5000M I experienced rapid drift in my water density check. I have seen densities as high as 0.998238 using the same water in the same conditions. Note I have an older DMA 5000 which uses the same water was...

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