Anton Paar Density Meter: DMA™ 1001


Density Meter: DMA™ 1001

DMA™ 1001 has everything that industry standards for density measurement stipulate: 4-digits in density measuring accuracy. Based on comprehensive knowledge of the oscillation characteristics of the newly designed measuring cell, the applied patented Repeated Fade-out Method delivers the most stable density results.          
But there’s more: the new unique one-point water adjustment is the quickest way to get your highly accurate measurement work started and is only available with DMA™ 1001.         
Get ready for compliance with your industry standards by using the most straightforward lab density meter you can get.


A revolutionary measuring principle         
The new design of the measuring cell and a novel way of evaluating the oscillation characteristics lead to stable results, more independent from external factors than ever before.         
Highly accurate density measurement, meeting relevant industry lab standards         
  • Density measuring accuracy of 0.0001 g/cm3         
  • Full compliance with important industry standards such as ASTM D4052 and D5002 (petroleum industry) or Pharmacopoeia (pharmaceutical industry)         
  • Unique time-saving one-point water adjustment directly at the measuring temperature         
  • U-View™: observe the sample filling process via a pin-sharp real-time camera image of the measuring cell         
  • FillingCheck™: automatically detects and records filling errors and generates a warning message         
  • Optional ISO 17025 calibration certificate, with guaranteed traceability to SI units         
    Accurate and traceable density results unaffected by external factors         
  • Standardized sample handling: the syringe holder eliminates the potential influences from different users, syringe types, or syringe filling volumes         
  • Optional peristaltic pump for best possible repeatability of results by automated filling of low-viscosity samples         
  • Potential errors due to the viscosity of samples are automatically corrected over the full range         
  • Storage of 5000 results including timestamp, sample name, camera images, and potential filling warnings for later verification of stored results         
  • Print your customized result reports or export them to a PC via USB, Ethernet, or RS232         
    Worry-free operation, also outside the traditional lab space         
  • The rugged instrument design allows for flexible placement, not only in the lab but also in production or storage facilities.         
  • Intelligent condition monitoring system which gives a warning and recommended action if environmental conditions are not in the ideal range         
  • Brand-new customizable user interface with the look and feel of a smartphone, operated via a 7” touchscreen         
  • Favorite menu points and frequently measured products are directly accessible via icons on the main screen         
  • Connect a keyboard, mouse, or bar code reader for convenient instrument operation and entry of sample names
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