A&D Weighing GX-303A



  • Smart-SHS advanced technology increases performance and productivity   
  • Innovative solutions to meet demands in validation, compliance, protection    
  • Factory tough and laboratory precise
  • GX-303A
    Calibration Automatic Internal
    Plate Depth 128 mm
    Plate Width 128 mm
    Capacity 320 g
    Linearity .002 g
    Readability .001 g
    Repeatability 0.001g
    Stabilization Time 1 sec (~0.8sec | 5g)


    Advanced Sensor Technology   
    Smart-SHS is the latest advancement in our super hybrid design, construction and algorithms.   
  • Increased productivity via faster stabilization times (1 second in fast mode)   
  • Lower cost of ownership due to reduce number of parts and maintenance accessibility   
    Innovative Solutions    
    Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) does a self-diagnostic before performing an internal repeatability test without an external weight, all in less than a minute and a half.    
  • Dia-Check – the diagnostic result that validates if the balance critically passes or fails   
  • SD – standard deviation that allows for daily precision check, ideal for S.O.P.s   
  • QuickMin-S – determines minimum sample weight in any given environment   
  • Min-S Alert – alerts user to ensures they are operating within USP41 compliance   
    Impact Shock Detection (ISD)   
  • Impact-alert visually and audibly indicates the magnitudes of impact shocks   
  • Shock-log documents date, time, and shock level   
    Flow Rate Display (FRD)   
    Helps streamline and improve filling or dosing accuracy and precision.   
  • FR-Cal – calculates, displays/outputs the mass or volume flow rate by entering density   
  • FR-Compare – comparator that provides feedback if the flow rate is within limits   
    Good Data Management   
  • Internal/external calibration with easy one-touch button - performs and documents internal calibration   
  • Automatic Self-Calibration (ASC) – auto calibrates based on temperature and time interval   
  • Password-Protect – offers password-protection up to 11 users and 1 administrator   
  • GLP/GMP/GCP Compliance with full calibration reports   
    Leveling Made Easy   
  • Bright-bubble – large, easy-to-see, front mounted spirit level with LED Illumination   
  • Fly-thumbwheel is effortless and accessible, allows ergonomic adjustment with anti-slip feet   
    Simple User and Data Interface   
  • Six straightforward keys – ON/OFF, CAL, MODE, SAMPLE, PRINT, REZERO   
  • Reverse backlit LCD is a large display with great black and white contrast, provides excellent visibility   
  • Standard RS-232C & USB – Toggle between the Quick USB mode or Virtual COM mode (bi-directional)   
    Cleanable Robust Construction   
  • Stainless steel pan and dust-plate can be easily removed for cleaning   
  • Easy to assemble anti-static breeze break on 0.001 readability models   
  • Die-cast aluminum housing provides extra stability and durability
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