TECA Corporation AHP-3259



High Capacity Thermoelectric Air Conditioner
Additional Specifications Mounting Style: Through Mounted     
Voltage: 100-240 VAC     
Current: 11-4.6 AMPS     
Operating Ambient: -40/+65 °C     
Operating Enclosure: -10/+60 °C     
Environments: Nema-12, Nema-4     
Performance Rating:     
Cooling (Traditional): 2400 BTU/HR     
Cooling (Din 3168): 705 WATTS     
Cooling COP (at L35 L35): 0.64     
Heating (Traditional): >1200 BTU/HR     
Heating (Din 3168): >352 WATTS     
Heating COP: >1.0     
Controller Features:     
TC-4F: Active cool 35 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C     
TC-7F: Active cool 35 °C; Active heat 15 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C


• 90-264 VAC Universal input power supply     
• High capacity thermoelectric design     
• Power saving air to air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)     
• Heavy duty full perimeter mounting     
• Lower profile intrusion into enclosure     
• Central input cord for easy mounting     
• Closed loop design     
• Condensate control and evaporation system     
• Compact     
• Increased efficiency at higher ambient by as much as 10%     
• Virtually maintenance free     
• No compressor     
• Environmentally friendly and safe     
• Stainless Steel exterior housing     
• Mounts and operates in any orientation     
• Integral temperature controller     
• Weight 82 LBS.     
• Power supply     
• Temperature controller     
• Power saving heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)     
• Mounting gasket     
• Mounting hardware     
• Power input cord


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They manufactured the first thermoelectric (Peltier) air conditioner over 30 years ago. Always a leader in the field of thermoelectric cooling (Peltier...

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