Gel Company Omega Lum G Imaging System


Omega Lum G Imaging System

With the Omega Lum™ G snap an image of your gel or blot, get your data and go! Our SmartCapture Technology™ simplifies imaging, so all you need is to pick your application, exposure, and capture your image. You will have a publication-ready image in seconds, and can get back to what’s important – your work.


Fully automated SmartCapture Technology™ 
  • No filter selection or focus adjustment required 
    Imaging flexibility 
  • Chemiluminescence for Western, Northern, and Southern blots 
  • Multiple excitation sources for nucleotide and protein stains 
  • Absorbance for Ponceau-stained membranes or petri dishes 
    Publication-quality images 
  • 65,536 grayscales with over 6 million pixels for excellent resolution 
  • Universal TIFF and JPEG file formats 
    Small footprint, large format 
  • Compact footprint fits right on your bench top 
  • Accommodates large format protein and nucleotide gels (i.e. PROTEAN II, Subcell 96) 
  • Imaging Area: up to 20.5 x 25.0 cm
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