Heidolph North America Hei-VOLUME Automatic Module - Distimatic


Hei-VOLUME Automatic Module - Distimatic

The Automatic Module Distimatic is perfectly designed for the automated distillation process in your lab. Run fast, reliable, automated and continuous solvent evaporation applications at highest safety.  
Our engineers focused on leading safety standards, superior ease of use and reduced cost of ownership during the entire invention period.


The world's first drainage of residue of the Automatic Model Distimatic enables you to easily evaporate different solvents overnight and during the weekend in a unattended continuous manner. 
The storage and the collecting tank can be easily replaced during the process.  
Choose from two different programs and achieve solvent separations of nearly 100 % with the Automatic Module Distimatic. Moreover, the degree of concentration for final product can be determined to rule out dehydration, crystallization and formation of powder.


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