Designed as a dedicated solution for MP-AES instruments supplying the high purity nitrogen for plasma support gas or monochromator purge and air supply for POP gas or monochromator air purge, Halo produces 25 LPM of 99.5% or 10LPM of 99.95% pure nitrogen with a supporting air supply of up to 36.5 LPM. Fitted with an oxygen analyzer, Halo will alert when operating purity has been reached through a purity status indicating LED light.     
Compact in size, Halo is a space-saving solution for the lab, freeing up valuable lab space whilst being far easier to transport for field research than bulky gas cylinders. Manufactured by Peak’s laboratory gas generation experts, Halo has been engineered to operate comfortably at high altitude with the most advanced gas generation technology to produce the reliable, high purity nitrogen for your MP-AES application.
Purity 99.5 %
Flow Rate 25 L/min
Gas Generated Nitrogen
Depth 36.7 in
Height 30.2 in
Width 22.5 in
Power Requirements Voltage: 230VAC, Frequency: 50/60Hz, Current: 10 amps
Additional Specifications Outlet Pressure: 87psi


  • Nitrogen at 25 LPM at 99.5% purity or 10 LPM at 99.95%     
  • O2 analyzer with LED light to indicate when operating purity is reached     
  • Latest generation, high specification compressor located in insulated chamber to minimize noise and vibration     
  • Less than 30 minutes start-up to operating purity     
  • Manufactured and tested in U.K. to highest spec., CE/FCC certified     
  • Air supply at 36.5 LPM at -20°C ADP     
  • Compact, mobile, space-saving solution     
  • Capable at operating in high altitude environments (up to 4,000m) without performance loss     
  • Remove the hassle and safety concerns of ordering, transporting and changing out pressurized cylinders     
  • 12 month fully comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty inclusive
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