Shimadzu TW and TX Series Analytical Balances


TW and TX Series Analytical Balances

The TW and TX Series of analytical balances feature easy operation and added functionality. Included in the TW and TX Series are the TW, TWC, TX, and TXC models.   
Main features include the UniBloc mass sensor, an easy-to-operate menu key, a power-saving function, multiple weighing functions, and sliding glass door windbreaks.   
In addition, the TWC and TXC models include Carat measurement functionality and are specifically designed for weighing jewelry.


Durable, High-Performance UniBloc Mass Sensor   
The TW and TX Series contain Shimadzu’s durable, high-performance UniBloc aluminum alloy mass sensor. First introduced by Shimadzu in 1989, UniBloc excels in performance, resists deterioration and damage by ordinary impacts, and replaces the approximately 70 parts found in a conventional electromagnetic balance sensor assembly.   
Easy-to-Operate Key Layout   
For ease-of-use, menu navigation keys are separated from weighing operation keys and are arranged in a familiar 5-way navigation circle.   
Highly Visible Illuminated Display   
A light blue backlit liquid crystal display is standard on all TX and TW models and provides good visibility in all settings.   
Multiple Weighing Functions   
To support expanded applications, the TW and TX Series have multiple weighing functions built-in, including easy setting to adjust the desired ratio of stability and response, piece counting where up to five different sample weights can be easily entered, stored and recalled for use, and single-touch switching between weighing units.   
Sliding Glass Door Windbreaks   
The TW and TX Series feature a sliding glass door windbreak as standard. The highly transparent system includes semi-transparent corners and maximum door-opening capability.


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