HORIBA Fluorescence – Ca Imaging System – EasyRatioPro


Fluorescence – Ca Imaging System – EasyRatioPro

PTI EasyRatioPro is the most comprehensive system for measuring intracellular calcium, sodium, magnesium ion concentrations or pH and membrane potential. PTI EasyRatioPro includes all the tools required for image acquisition, analysis and calibration of intracellular dyes or intrinsic fluorophores.


  • HORIBA’s AE (Acquisition Engine) streams imaging data directly to hard disks in real time for acquisition and playback. This enables running experiments totally unrestricted by the internal RAM of the computer. High-speed stream up to terabytes of data directly to hard disk storage, unlike all other systems that can only stream to RAM, limited to a few GB. 
  • We understand how valuable your data is, which is why we use non-destructive image processing. Processing Plug-ins can be applied during record or playback mode. The raw data integrity is kept, allowing the researcher to experiment with threshold, background subtraction and other processes to enhance the image data while the original data remains unaltered on the hard drive. 
  • PTI EasyRatioPro modular software architecture is designed to meet both present and future needs. Plug-ins can be added to increase systems functionality. This also means you can get started inexpensively and then add functionality later as your research needs grow. 
  • Never worry about where is your saved data. PTI EasyRatioPro incorporates an experiment session file that keeps track of all imaging data on the hard disk RAID or server. The session keeps track of all image data, region of interest data, wavelength, channels, exposure times, and all vital controls. 
  • Day to day routines automation is easy using provided session templates for common experiments or create your own. 
    Ready to run “out of the box” with minimal input from the user. Just push record and go! 
    Other Features of the software: 
  • Square, ellipse, freehand, and linear profile drawn area of interest photometry in real-time or in post-acquisition. 
  • Trace math analysis functions such as anti-log, average, combine, XY combine, differentiate, integrate, and linear fit, peak finder. 
  • Complete 1-4 exponential decay fitting with Global analysis, Exponential Analysis Method (ESM) 
  • Real-time generation of user defined event markers and event journaling. 
  • Real-time non-destructive plug-ins for ratio-metric calculation, thresholding, and  
    ROI based or Image based background subtraction, flat field correction, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, calibration, three channel compositing, palette and ROI calculation 
  • Calibration editor for creation of calibration curves using point polynomial fitting, Grynkiewics Ca++ and Grynkiewics pH formulas 
  • Export of image data to popular formats such as avi, bmp, jpg, tif, png. 
  • Control of up to 16 excitation, emission, or derived channels. 
  • “WARP DRIVE” human user interface control for dedicated control over exposure, gain, electron multiplier, mute, solo, select, record, window functions, jog/shuttle, play, rewind, fast forward, stop, time code, looping and much more.
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