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Liberty Lite

An entry-level option for the globally recognized Liberty Blue technology. The Liberty Lite provides advantages over existing peptide synthesizers with it’s patented use of microwave irradiation during both the deprotection and coupling steps (15 minute cycle times), in-situ temperature control, Flex-Add™ delivery system, and efficient solvent usage. Additionally, the system can be upgraded at any time to a Liberty Blue system.


Unique Chemistry 
  • CarboMAX™ coupling chemistry (patented) 
  • Microwave deprotection and coupling (patented) 
  • 15 min Cycle Time 
  • Flex-Add™ critical reagent delivery system (patented) 
  • True Internal fiber-optic temperature control 
  • 0.005 - 5 mmol scale range 
  • 20 amino acid positions
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    CEM Liberty Microwave peptide Synthensizer Discovery reactor: Model 908505

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