Union Process QL 100 circulation Attriator


QL 100 circulation Attriator

The circulation Attritor is used for difficult to grind and disperse materials and for the ultimate in micron size and quality. The main advantage of the “Q” series is the very narrow particle size distribution that can be achieved. 
Large quantities of material can be ground with a smaller investment of grinding media and Attritor equipment. The slurry can be continuously monitored. Additional ingredients can be added to the premix tank at any time during the grinding, with sensitive materials being added near the end of the grinding cycle. Excellent temperature control is possible, since the slurry spends only 20-30 seconds in the grinding chamber and has plenty of time to be stabilized in the holding tank. 
“Q” series Attritors are available in sizes ranging from the laboratory size Q-2 model up to the large-scale production model Q-100. For very large production, several Q-100 Attritors can be hooked up to a single holding tank. 
Circulation Attritors designated as “QL” include specially configured arms and disks for special applications and increased performance. 
A variety of accessories meeting different conditions, from cover seals for a totally enclosed system to metal-free systems, are available.



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