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The TRACER 5 pXRF spectrometer; ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials.    
TRACER 5 is the high value in-situ pXRF performer synchronizing power, function, precision and accuracy for dynamic, field capable laboratory-like elemental analysis.   
Complete user control   
The TRACER 5 allows complete user control of the excitation conditions. These can be developed using recommended settings in the software or user preferences.   
  • Current   
  • Voltage   
  • Automated filter   
  • Manual filter   
  • Sample spot size   
  • Vacuum, Helium or air   
    The TRACER 5 settings and measurements can be controlled on the handheld or with Artax™ advanced spectral analysis PC software, via WiFi or USB.   
    Matrix Matched Calibrations   
    Users can also develop their own calibrations with EasyCal PC software for empirical correlations. These can be transferred to the TRACER 5 for point-and-shoot tests. Moreover, as the calibration is revised and improved, previously collected data can be recalculated with no need to remeasure samples.
  • Models

    TRACER 5i

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    Additional Specifications
  • 8 um Be Window
  • Detects Na to U
  • Analyzes Mg to U
  • Ideal for art, archeology and advanced materials applications
  • TRACER 5g

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    Additional Specifications
  • 1 um Graphene Window
  • Detects F to U (with He atmosphere)
  • Analyses Na to U
  • Ideal for geosciences applications
  • Features

    In-Situ Untethered & Interactive   
  • Integrated display embedded operating and analytical software   
  • Relaxed Hand Grip™ strap for comfort and security   
  • EasyAccess™ Rail for on-the-go accessories   
  • Control, save and send with USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth   
    High Performance   
  • SharpBeam geometry for minimized distance between sample and detector   
  • Automated filter wheel AND/OR manual filter slot   
  • Air, helium or vacuum capable   
  • Most sensitive TRACER available   
    Fast, accurate spot positioning   
  • Internal camera with adjustable LED for full view   
  • Target area and reticle positioning for precision   
  • Remote view projection for challenging objects   
  • Confidence in analytical results
  • Photos

    • TRACER 5i
    • TRACER 5g
    TRACER 5i

    TRACER 5i

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