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Aeon 1GHz

Actively refrigerated, actively shielded ultra-high field NMR magnets   
Active shielding reduces the space requirements for the two-story magnet by more than one order of magnitude, and makes siting of next-generation Aeon 1 GHz magnets straight-forward.   
The new Aeon 1 GHz magnets have been developed using the latest, proprietary, advanced superconductors provided by Bruker’s Energy & Supercon Technologies (BEST) division. The Aeon 1 GHz also features proprietary, fully-integrated, novel, active refrigeration technology, eliminating the need for liquid Nitrogen completely, and reducing liquid Helium boil-off essentially to zero under normal operation. Bi-annual pulse-tube cooler maintenance is done at full field for minimal disruption and down-time.
Aeon 1GHz
Additional Specifications Aeon 1 GHz: 23.5 Tesla, 54mm actively-shielded:  
  • 5G < 4.3m radially vs. < 12m non-shielded   
  • 2-story magnet, same size dewar as 950/54/US2   
    Aeon active-refrigeration technology:  
  • LN2 free: no liquid nitrogen refills   
  • Near zero LHe consumption (normal operation)   
  • Aeon Care maintenance plan
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