FRITSCH GmbH Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 5 premium line


Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 5 premium line

Premium performance for wet and dry grinding, mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising with reliable results down into the nano range – now more powerful and safer than before due to double drive power and automatic clamping of the bowls.          
Grinding into the Nano Range          
The demand for fine particles with a defined size distribution is constantly increasing, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The production of finest particles down into the nanometre range can take place either via chemical synthesis, i.e. by generating the particles through crystallisation (bottom-up) or via comminution of already existing coarse particles in a mill (top-down). However, even the particles obtained through crystallisation are often too coarse and require subsequent processing in mills.          
Industry interest in nano-particles can be explained by the fact that such particles demonstrate completely new physical and chemical properties due to their large specific surface (ratio of surface to volume). For instance, non-conductive materials suddenly become conductors and metal oxides that are actually opaque become transparent.          
Premium Performance          
Compared with the previous model PULVERISETTE 6 classic line, the drive power was doubled for the premium line version. The powerful 1.5 kW motor enables a maximum rotational speed of up to 850 rpm, resulting in a significantly increased energy application. As proof of the mill’s performance, a sample of aluminium oxide ground to particles down into the nano range. After only 30 minutes the d50 value of the ground sample is already below 200 nm and after 60 minutes below 100 nm. In order to receive similar results with the classic line mill a significantly longer grinding time is necessary.          
Premium Functionality          
In addition to the significantly increased drive power, the operation of the mill is also ‘premium’: All key parameters, such as rotational speed, grinding time, pause function, number of grinding cycles, etc. are entered via a 4.3-inch touch screen with colour display and can be saved as a grinding program.          
Until now, for planetary mills with one working station the user had to manually adjust the required compensation for imbalance with a counterweight. With the new FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 6 premium line, the imbalance compensation is performed fully automatic – thanks to another brilliant patent by FRITSCH!          
Also patented is the new grinding bowl clamping mechanism ServoLOCK. No more spindles or screws and instead with more or less effort clamping the bowls into place now simply: lower ServoLOCK handle – CLICK – finished!          
Thanks to the motor-driven clamping ServoLOCK, the bowl is reproducibly tensioned with a clamping force of 16 kN [~ 1.6 t]. Premium safety, premium fast and premium simple!         
Functionally designed to the smallest detail, even easier to operate, even more powerful, faster and safer for premium results down into the nano range and absolute reliability!     


Doubled drive power and extremely high centrifugal acceleration for fast and powerful high-performance grinding          
Fully automatic grinding bowl imbalance compensation         
Motor-driven grinding bowl clamping (ServoLOCK)          
Convenient touch screen with colour display          
Tightly sealed grinding bowls even under overpressure – also outside the mill


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