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The Beckman J2-21 is a floor centrifuge well known to be a model workhorse. The J2-21 is easy to operate and offers you imbalance detection, indirect drive, and door interlock. This item does not include a rotor.    
Commons rotors: JA20 (8 x 50 ml); JA14 (6 x 250 ml); JA10 (6 x 500 ml); and JS13.1 (6 x 50 ml swinging).

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Maximum Capacity 3 L
Speed Range 0 to 21000 rpm
Depth 37 in
Height 50 in
Width 28 in
Power Requirements 208V / 60Hz / 30A
Weight 300 kg
Additional Specifications
  • Speed accuracy RPM: 20,       
  • Maximum RCF, g: 50,400,       
  • Refrigerated: Yes,       
  • Refrigerant: R502,       
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +40C,       



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Beckman J2 21

Where can I get schematic diagrams of the centrifuge j2 21?

Beckman J2-21 will not start

I have a Beckman J2-21 that will not start; the start light does not turn on and the lid doesn't latch. Refrigeration and vacuum work fine but nothing happens when the start button is pushed. I have another working J2-21 and I have tried...

Power turns on and off

When we turn on the power for the J2-21, the power seems to start and stop  - as if i was turning it on and off every second.  Any idea why this might happen?  

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