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The Beckman J2-21 is a floor centrifuge well known to be a model workhorse. The J2-21 is easy to operate and offers you imbalance detection, indirect drive, and door interlock. This item does not include a rotor.    
Commons rotors: JA20 (8 x 50 ml); JA14 (6 x 250 ml); JA10 (6 x 500 ml); and JS13.1 (6 x 50 ml swinging).

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Maximum Capacity 3 L
Speed Range 0 to 21000 rpm
Depth 37 in
Height 50 in
Width 28 in
Power Requirements 208V / 60Hz / 30A
Weight 300 kg
Additional Specifications
  • Speed accuracy RPM: 20,       
  • Maximum RCF, g: 50,400,       
  • Refrigerated: Yes,       
  • Refrigerant: R502,       
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +40C,       



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Overtemp Light on constantly

Our J2-21 has the "Overtemp" light on as soon as you turn it on and it does not  go out even if you adjust the set and over temp dials correctly according to the manual. It also does not spin up. The START button goes green but as...

Beckman J2 21

Where can I get schematic diagrams of the centrifuge j2 21?

Beckman J2-21 will not start

I have a Beckman J2-21 that will not start; the start light does not turn on and the lid doesn't latch. Refrigeration and vacuum work fine but nothing happens when the start button is pushed. I have another working J2-21 and I have tried...

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