Beckman Coulter Avanti J-25


Avanti J-25

The Beckman Coulter Avanti J-25 is a refrigerated high productivity floor centrifuge that can bioprocess up to 24 liters an hour. This model offers you automatic rotor identification, an easy to use control panel, and a lower work surface. Rotor is not included. High performance rotors for this model; fixed angle: JA-30.50 Ti, JA-25.50, JA-25.15, JA-21, JA-20.1, JA-20, JA-18.1, JA-18, JA-17, JLA-16.250, JA-14, JA-12, JA-10, F10BCI, JLA-10.500, and JLA-9.1000; swinging bucket: JS-24.38, JS-24.15, JS-13.1, JS-7.5, and JS-5.9; special purpose: JE-6B and JCF-Z.
Avanti J-25
Centrifuge Type High Speed
Maximum Capacity 4 liters
Maximum RCF 75600 xg
Maximum Speed 25000 rpm
Orientation Floor Standing
Refrigerated Yes_ non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Depth 876 mm
Height 865 mm
Width 711 mm
Weight 264 kg
Additional Specifications Single Tube Volume Range: 1.5 - 1,000 mL,   
Ambient Temperature Range: 15 to 40 C,   
Temperature Control: ±2 of set temperature,   
Speed Control: ± 10 rpm of set speed,


  • Bioprocessing with 4 liters a run — up to 24 liters an hour  
  • Less waiting and quicker separations with fast accel/decel rates  
  • High-force microplate applications and up to 10 microplates in a single run  
  • Ease of use due to advanced ergonomic design  
  • Rotor and sample safety is assured with Automatic Rotor Identification  




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Avanti J-25I F5 FRS error after rotor change

We used the JA-30.50 rotor before and there were no problems at all. This Tuesday we changed the rotor JA-10 and it runned fine. After we changed the rotor back to JA-30.50, the instrument gave an error meassage F5 FRS error and stop working. Any...

Drive Error with Beckman Avanti J-25

We have a Beckman Avanti J-25 which has been working properly until last week. We turned it on last Friday, it started to display the "Driver" error which cannot be cleared by pushing "Clear" button. I can open the door. But the...

Beckman Avanti J-25 is giving FRS Error

Hi,  I have a J-25 (not the J-25i) that suddently gives the FRS error which can removed by pushing Clear.  But when I push Start to run the centrifge, the FRS error pops up again and therefore we have no way to run the machine.  ...

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Avanti J-25

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