Beckman Coulter Avanti J-25


Avanti J-25

The Beckman Coulter Avanti J-25 is a refrigerated high productivity floor centrifuge that can bioprocess up to 24 liters an hour. This model offers you automatic rotor identification, an easy to use control panel, and a lower work surface. Rotor is not included. High performance rotors for this model; fixed angle: JA-30.50 Ti, JA-25.50, JA-25.15, JA-21, JA-20.1, JA-20, JA-18.1, JA-18, JA-17, JLA-16.250, JA-14, JA-12, JA-10, F10BCI, JLA-10.500, and JLA-9.1000; swinging bucket: JS-24.38, JS-24.15, JS-13.1, JS-7.5, and JS-5.9; special purpose: JE-6B and JCF-Z.
Avanti J-25
Centrifuge Type High Speed
Maximum Capacity 4 liters
Maximum RCF 75600 xg
Maximum Speed 25000 rpm
Orientation Floor Standing
Refrigerated Yes_ non-ozone depleting refrigerant
Depth 876 mm
Height 865 mm
Width 711 mm
Weight 264 kg
Additional Specifications Single Tube Volume Range: 1.5 - 1,000 mL,   
Ambient Temperature Range: 15 to 40 C,   
Temperature Control: ±2 of set temperature,   
Speed Control: ± 10 rpm of set speed,


  • Bioprocessing with 4 liters a run — up to 24 liters an hour  
  • Less waiting and quicker separations with fast accel/decel rates  
  • High-force microplate applications and up to 10 microplates in a single run  
  • Ease of use due to advanced ergonomic design  
  • Rotor and sample safety is assured with Automatic Rotor Identification  




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Timer Dial Does Not Work

I have an Avanti J-25 (not J-25i) that functions fine except for the timer dial.  I can make the centrifuge start using the hold function, but when the hold function is deactivated, I cannot move the timer from zero with the dial.  The...

J-25 door latch

 Hi i am having problems with one of the door latchs on this J-25I. The instrument displays error L2. I can prevent the error from hapenning by simply pushing on the plunger of the door latch ever so slightly. Seem to me like the problem comes...

Speed" error

the centrifuge can only get to 280-300 rpm on JA-20 rotor and 380-400 rpm on Ja-15,  i noticed the 5th red LED is not flashing on the Inverter Board int the front,  then i set a 5 minutes run at 500 rpm and left the room, 2...

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Beckman Avanti J-25 Centrifuge

Price: Certified Genetool


Configuration: Complete System

Beckman JA-25.50 Fixed Angle Rotor w WARRANTY

Price: $950


Configuration: As Shown

Beckman JS-13.1 Swinging Bucket Rotor w WARRANTY

Price: 1,750


Configuration: As Shown

Beckman J20I centrifuge with JLA 8.1000 Rotor and Warranty

Price: $15,995.00


Configuration: As Shown

Beckman Avanti J-30I Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge 30,000RPM Max

Price: 7,995.00


Configuration: As Shown

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Avanti J-25

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