Waters Alliance HPLC Dissolution


Alliance HPLC Dissolution

The Alliance® Dissolution System is an online HPLC platform utilizing Empower™ Dissolution Software, for automated, high-throughput dissolution and drug release testing. The system provides complete, single-point automated testing of immediate, extended, and controlled release formulations.  
Every step in a dissolution test is automated: from the dosage drop, acquisition and analysis of sample aliquots, to the management of test result publication and distribution. You can configure it for dissolution applications in formulation development, stability, analytical/technical services, or quality control.  
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Alliance HPLC  
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Alliance HPLC Bioseparations

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • High sample throughput  
  • Automated sample acquisition from a variety of dissolution baths  
  • Versatile media management  
  • Local or remote control with Empower Dissolution Software  
  • Custom dissolution calculations  
  • Publication-quality report publisher   
e2695D Separations Module  
The Alliance® Dissolution System incorporates the e2695D Separations Module, a Transfer Module, a detector, and up to two compatible dissolution baths. The system is driven by Empower™ Dissolution Software, with options for complete automation from a single keyboard.  
The e2695D Separations Module combines dissolution sampling with HPLC analysis. The instrument runs dissolution methods, downloading sampling times and sample aliquot volumes to the transfer module.  
The module uses a computer-controlled array of syringe pumps to take dissolution samples from single or dual 6- or 8-vessel dissolution baths simultaneously, and transfer the samples into sealed vials in the Separations Module.  
Solvent and Sample Management  
The e2695D Separations Module provides optimized control over the system fluidics processes with integrated solvent and sample management. Its low-dispersion design can automatically condition and blend up to four eluents. This allows the system to be used with high-efficiency columns, providing fast and accurate results for even your most complex formulations. Samples are processed individually or as pooled samples according to compendial procedures.  
Dissolution Software with Powerful Database Capabilities  
Empower Dissolution Software automates the entire dissolution, sampling analysis calculation, and reporting process. The built-in database gives you the power to organize, store and retrieve your data quickly and easily, and the flexibility to create a variety of searching, tracking, filtering and viewing criteria for enhanced productivity.   
Empower Dissolution Software  
Empower™ Dissolution Software automatically performs all dissolution calculations online, without the need for external spreadsheet software. The power of the software, combined with the Alliance Dissolution system and dissolution testing systems from our dissolution partners, provide a single hardware and software source for all pharmaceutical dissolution applications.  
  • Integrated relational database to organize, store, and retrieve your data quickly and easily  
  • Flexibility to create a variety of searching, tracking, filtering and viewing criteria for enhanced productivity  
  • Comprehensive, publication-quality reports  
  • Scalable from workstation to enterprise network environment  


Alliance HPLC Dissolution

Alliance HPLC Dissolution

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