Waters Alliance HPLC High Throughput


Alliance HPLC High Throughput

When every second counts, you depend on automation to increase sample throughput and handle any sample format, while producing reliable results. The Alliance® High Throughput (HT) System assists labs like yours that face around-the-clock, high-throughput demands.  
Built around the Alliance 2795 Separations Module, the Alliance HT System optimizes automated sample and solvent management to shave time from each step of the chromatography process. It improves productivity of HPLC labs that require the selectivity and sensitivity of HPLC/MS or HPLC/MS/MS to produce quality data.  
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* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • Flexible modes of LC operation (sequential or parallel)  
  • Sample format versatility—plates, tubes, or vials  
  • Automated instrument preparation routine for rapid unattended system equilibration  
  • Purge-wash-purge capability for optimal sample carryover  
  • Compatibility with Empower™ and MassLynx™ Software for data management  
  • Easy methods transfer from the Alliance HPLC to the Alliance HPLC HT System  
2795 Separations Module  
The Alliance® HPLC HT System is built around the 2795 Separations Module, with solvent and sample management capabilities that improve overall HPLC analysis productivity. It offers:  
  • Integrated solvent and XYZ sample management  
  • Ability to handle standard 96 shallow and deep-well plates, 384-well microtiter plates, vials, and microcentrifuge tubes  
  • Sequential and parallel sample processing modes, which reduce cycle time by performing multiple chromatographic and system operations simultaneously and accelerating the injection-to-injection process  
  • Dual solvent wash to minimize sample carryover and assure assay integrity  
  • Tool-free maintenance  
  • Automated valve switching for up to three or six columns  
  • Robust solvent management for pulse-free delivery of solvent flow   


Alliance HPLC High Throughput

Alliance HPLC High Throughput

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Problem with Column heater

A few days ago I upgraded separation module ( Waters Alliance 2795 HT ), from 2.03 to 2.05 .Now I set Temperature ( at Standard column heater without switching valve and PCB 270719 ) to 30 ( or …. ), at the few seconds of start the warm-up...

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