Waters Alliance HPLC Bioseparations


Alliance HPLC Bioseparations

The Alliance® Bioseparations (AllianceBIO) System is an automated, high-resolution HPLC system featuring a titanium/polymeric flow path that is ideally suited for the fractionation and analysis of complex biomolecular mixtures in biopharmaceutical applications. The heart of the AllianceBIO is the 2796 Bioseparations Module designed for robust operation under the harsh salt and pH conditions typical of bioseparations.  
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* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


  • High-pressure capability, making it ideal for protein purification, peptide mapping, and nucleic acid analysis  
  • Automated column switching, flow diversion, and fraction management to support comprehensive multi-dimensional separations methods  
  • Configurable to collect fractions into collection tubes or microtiter plates  
  • Auto•Blend™ Technology which blends up to four eluents to perform isocratic, step, continuous gradient, or flow program applications  
  • High sensitivity UV/Visible or PDA detection for routine analysis applications, or direct interface to a Waters time-of-flight mass spectrometer for exact mass measurements  
  • High day-to-day reproducibility  
  • Fully integrated with either Empower™ or MassLynx™ Software systems for instrument control and data processing  
2796 Bioseparations Module  
  • Integrated solvent and sample management  
  • Features a titanium and PEEK flowpath  
  • Real-time buffer composition data provided to help you optimize complex separations  
  • Automated valve switching  
  • Quaternary eluent blending by Auto•Blend™ Technology enables automatic formulation of buffers from simple stock solutions  
  • Sample temperature control enhances biomolecule stability prior to analysis  


Alliance HPLC Bioseparations

Alliance HPLC Bioseparations

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