Waters 2707 Autosampler


2707 Autosampler

The 2707 Autosampler is a versatile, compact sample management system that makes highly precise and reproducible injections of samples into your LC or LC/MS system. It is ideally suited for laboratories where reduced carryover, maximized repeatability, high accuracy, and application flexibility are of concern.


  • Compact design yet easily serviceable  
  • High-resolution syringe control for high-precision injections  
  • Interchangeable fixed-volume sample loops  
  • Variable-volume partial-loop injection capability  
  • Optional sample cooling for consistent results  
  • Pressure-assisted sample aspiration injection capability  
  • Use of plates or vials, alone or in combination, for varied sampling formats  
  • Empower™ Software control  


2707 Autosampler

2707 Autosampler

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Autosampler error

Our autosampler a Waters 2707 is failing to inject with the following error message: Instrument failure W2707#F10707012Z. Please help

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Waters 2707 Autosampler

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