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The Agilent 7820A GC is an affordable, high-quality solution for small- to medium-sized labs that are mainly concerned with routine analyses using standard GC methods. It was designed to maximize uptime, minimize maintenance and complexity, and provide a high return on your investment. The 7820A GC system uses Agilent’s proven electronic pneumatics control (EPC) and digital electronics so you will get the unsurpassed performance you expect from an industry leader and results you can count on.    
Note: Not sold in all countries.
Temperature Range 15 to 30 °C Ambient operating temperature
Detector flame ionization (FID); thermal conductivity (TCD); micro-electron capture (micro-ECD); nitrogen-phosphorus (NPD)
GC System Type Modular
Humidity 30 to 70%
Number of Detectors 2
Depth 51 cm
Height 49 cm
Width 56 cm
Weight 50 kg
Additional Specifications Storage temperature extremes: -40 to 70°C    
Operating altitude: 3100 m    
System Overall Performance    
Retention time repeatability: 0.06%    
Peak area repeatability: 2%    
Power Requirements    
100 V, 120 V, 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V    
Frequency: 47.5~63 Hz    
1500 W (max) at 100 V, 2250 W (max) at all other voltages.    
Column Oven    
Dimensions: 28.0 x 30.5 x 16.5 cm    
Operating temperature: 8°C above ambient to 425°C    
Temperature setpoint resolution: 1°C    
Maximum temperature ramp rate: 75°C/min    
Maximum run time: 999.99 min    
Temperature programming ramps: 5     
Ambient rejection: <0.01°C per 1°C    
-Oven temperature ramp: =2%    
-Programming temperature repeatability: =1%    
See PDF for further specifications.


  • Full electronic pneumatics control (EPC) is available for all inlets and detectors, ensuring excellent reproducibility,as well as reliable accuracy and precision    
  • Easy to learn and use – supports both ChemStation and EzChrom Elite Compact software    
  • The simplified GC front panel keys and display provide sequence information, instrument conditions, and run status, and minimize operating errors    
  • Supports 16-sample automatic liquid sampler    
  • Optimized performance for everyday productivity and for all routine applications, including those that must comply with regulatory requirements    
  • Choice of inlets: split/splitless for megabore and all capillary columns; packed for wide bore capillary and packed columns    
  • Choice of detectors: flame ionization (FID); thermal conductivity (TCD); micro-electron capture (micro-ECD); nitrogen-phosphorus (NPD)    
  • Complementary software keyboard and display allows the user to control the system when it connects with an integrator or 3rd-party software    


7820 GC

7820 GC

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