Agilent Technologies 5975T Low Thermal Mass (LTM) GC/MS


5975T Low Thermal Mass (LTM) GC/MS

The Agilent 5975T Low Thermal Mass (LTM) GC/MSD is the first commercial transportable GC/MS system that delivers laboratory-quality analysis. This rugged MSD offers the same performance and high-confidence results as our benchtop 7890A GC/5975C MSD system in a size that is more than one-third smaller and consumes about half the energy.    
The 5975T takes advantage of Agilent’s proprietary LTM technology, which eliminates the conventional GC oven by wrapping the GC column(s) with a heating element and temperature sensor. These column modules provide rapid heating and cooling of the column for higher throughput and simplify field service and maintenance. Employing the 5975C inert electron-impact (EI) ion source allows for the highest performance with samples containing active compounds, such as Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), and the ability to perform standard library searches for unknowns.


The 5975T is a field-ruggedized, single-package GC/MS system that was designed to deliver laboratory performance for out-of-lab measurements. In addition, the 5975T is the most full featured field-portable GC/MS available with features that include:    
  • 1.8u to 1050u mass range    
  • split/splitless inlet with full Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC)    
  • liquid autoinjector option    
  • vibration dampening base    
  • oil-less mechanical pump    
The 5975T GC/MS is ideal for out-of-lab applications such as:    
  • Homeland Security: first responders or military and homeland security officials who need fast and highly accurate results for chemical warfare analysis (CWA) or toxic industrial chemicals    
  • Environmental: semi-volatile organic compound analysis in lakes, streams, and rivers    
  • Food Safety: pesticide screening of crops in the field    




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