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Spectrum GX

Designed for applications demanding the very highest levels of spectroscopic performance. Industry-leading, signal-to-noise performance makes it the highest performing, research grade FT-IR system available anywhere, offering the highest levels of sensitivity. Four separate sampling and detector areas combined with a broad range of upgrades provides the highest level of advanced applications flexibility.

Every Spectrum GX has fully upgradeable, interchangeable optics to provide optimized performance from the Near-IR right down to the Far-IR region. Spectrum GX systems also offer more combinations of sources, beamsplitters and detectors than any other FT-IR system, ensuring that you have the power to handle tomorrow’s challenging applications
as well as today’s tough problems.


  • Patented Dynascan™ interferometer for best-in-class stability and sensitivity
  • Multi-range operation – Near-IR/Mid-IR/Far-IR
  • Up to four equivalent output beams
  • Real-time atmospheric vapor correction
  • Absolute Virtual Instrument (AVI) operation reduces measurement variation
  • Fully validated Spectrum software
  • 21 CFR Part 11 technical compliance

Up to four equivalent output beams

Spectrum GX’s unique modular design means that any system can be configured to accommodate a maximum of four equivalent output beams. Extra output beams and sampling modules can be added as requirements change. A huge range of optical components includes 10 different, interchangeable beamsplitters, 10 detector types and dual iris aperture pre-optics for fine control of energy throughput, beam profile and spectral resolution.

All sampling accessories will give optimum performance in any one of the four sample compartments. GX configurations can also include major accessories such as our FTRaman
module, IR microscopes and the GC-IR interface.

Built-in intelligence

Each Spectrum GX configuration is displayed in a simple, interactive layout within the Spectrum software program (Figure 1). This shows the status of all key system components – including sources, beamsplitters and detectors – and allows the beam path to be changed with a single mouse click. Internal accessories such as iris apertures, filters and polarizers are easily controlled and adjusted by simply clicking on the instrument layout.


Spectrum GX

Spectrum GX

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