Agilent Technologies CTC PAL Autosampler Systems


CTC PAL Autosampler Systems

The CTC PAL sample injectors enable GC and GC/MS laboratories to increase productivity with greater automated sample preparation capabilities and a variety of sample vial options. The high-end CombiPAL sample injector offers three types of sample injection techniques: liquid injection, headspace, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME). The lower-cost GC PAL platform can be configured for liquid injection only but offers many of the other capabilities of the CombiPAL including large volume injection (LVI), multiple vial sizes, and extended sample vial capacity.
CTC PAL Autosampler Systems
Humidity <80% (noncondensing)
Depth 385 mm
Height 648 mm
Width 828 mm
Power Requirements 100-240 V, 120 W, 50/60 Hz
Weight 10 kg
Additional Specifications General CombiPAL Specifications in Liquid Mode
System type: XYZ robot with syringe-only concept.
Local user interface: Control panel with 4 function keys, graphical LCD display, unique scroll knob for teach functions.
Electrical control: 2 RS232C ports; 3 TTL input/3 TTL output; 2 Opto Coupler input; 2 Relay output
GC mounting kits: Agilent 7890A, 6850, and 6890
Syringe sizes: 1.2 µL, 5 µL, 10 µL (standard), 25 µL, 100 µL, 250 µL, and 500 µL
Injection speed: Selectable from 0.01 µL/sec up to 500 µL/sec
Sample capacity*:
Up to 600 1 mL micro vials (78 1 mL vials standard).
Up to 294 2 mL standard vials (98 2 mL vials standard)
Up to 96 10 mL or 20 mL vials
Up to 4 deepwell microplates (96/384 wells)
Up to 8 standard microplates (96/384 wells)
Syringe cleaning: Wash Station for 2 different solvents (standard)
- PAL Headspace option (requires CombiPAL basic liquid version)
- PAL SPMEoption (requires CombiPAL basic, including headspace option)
- Cooled trayholders for 1 mL, 2 mL, 10 mL, and 20 mL vials
- SPME Fiber Cleaning Station
- Stacks for 96/384 well micro- or deepwell plates
- Solvent/reagent reservoir
- Large Volume Wash Station

See PDF for additional specifications.


  • Top-mounted on GCs to save valuable bench space
  • Interfaces with any Agilent 7890A, 6890, or 6850 GC
  • Integrated software control available for GC ChemStation, MSD Productivity Chemstation, and EZ Chrom
  • SPME (CombiPAL only)
  • Heated syringe headspace (CombiPAL only)
  • Large-volume injection up to 500 µL
  • Accomodates 4 vial sizes: 1 mL, 2 mL, 10 mL, and 20 mL
  • Accomodates deepwell microplates and standard microplates


CTC PAL Autosampler

CTC PAL Autosampler

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