Agilent Technologies 7694E Headspace Sampler


7694E Headspace Sampler

The Agilent 7694E headspace sampler is an inexpensive, simple-to-use, rugged headspace unit that lets you analyze volatile compounds in virtually any matrix. Designed for optimum value, this standalone sampler combines low capital and operating costs with excellent performance. You get just the features you need to meet most laboratory needs.
7694E Headspace Sampler
Humidity 0 to 95%
Depth 39 cm
Height 43.5 cm
Width 36 cm
Power Requirements 120 Vac single phase (± 10%), 50/60 Hz, 4.5 A. 240 Vac single phase (± 10%), 50/60 Hz, 2.5 A
Weight 27 kg
Additional Specifications Sample Handling
Carousel: holds twelve 10-mL or20-mL vials at near-ambient; shaking may be Off, Low, or High in 1-min increments from 1–999 min.
Incubation: vials are individually lifted up into the heating zone for constant heating time (CHT) and immediately returned to the carousel after injection.
Vial heating: a vial can be heating during the GC run for the previous vial specified in the method.

Analysis Conditions
Vial heating: from 0–999 mins in 0.1-min increments at temperatures from 40 to
200 °C.
Injection volume: 1-mL standard using a gas sampling valve; a 3-mL loop is shipped
with the instrument.
Valve and loop temperature range: 50 to 200 °C.
Transfer line to the GC, temperature range: 50 to 220 °C. (The line is made of nickel.)
Loop fill and loop equilibration times: Settable from 0–99 mins in 0.01-min increments. (A short fill time permits injection of a pressurized sample.)
Injection time (carrier flows through loop): 0–99 min in 0.01-min increments.
Vial pressurization time: adjustable from 0–99 min in 0.01-min increments. Pressure range: 0–30 psi.

Headspace Methods
Four methods may be stored in memory and chained in sequence. A method mayspecify any sequential carousel positions.
A method may include automatic vial heating temperature increments or time increments
(1 °C or 1-min units) to determine the optimum setting.
GC cycle time: 1 to 999 min. (An Agilent GC-Ready signal can be sensed or ignored.)
BCD output: provides vial number to an Agilent integrator.

Physical Specifications
Power required: 300 VA maximum
Altitude: 2.000 m max
Pollution degree: 2
Indoor use installation category: 2


  • Interface to any gas chromatograph, for maximum flexibility
  • Constant heating time, one vial at a time, so that samples with the same parameters receive exactly the same treatment
  • An inert nickel sample path that protects against sample carryover, loss, or degradation
  • Automation for processing up to 12 samples unattended
  • Automatic parameter increments for determining optimum sampling parameters during method development
  • Rugged construction and simplicity of design for continuous operation in almost any environment
  • Easy-to-use controls, enabling operators to set parameters quickly and store methods with the push of a button. You can also link four methods for expanded productivity.
  • Vial shaking to ensure representative samples


7694E Headspace Sampler

7694E Headspace Sampler

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