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Cary 300

The Cary 300 spectrophotometer is used worldwide for routine analysis and research.

The Cary 300 is controlled by the new Cary WinUV software. This Windows based software features a modular design which makes it easy to use. The instrument is shipped with liquid sample holders and of course it can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to provide extra capabilities.


  • Pre-monochromator - extends the working range of the Cary 300 past 5 absorbance units by lowering the stray light levels. Dilution of a sample, to bring it into a range that the spectrophotometer can measure, is therefore not required
  • Quartz overcoating - protects the optics from the environment and allows cleaning without damage to their reflective surface
  • Sealed optics - prevents exposure to corrosive environments
  • Variable slits - allow optimum control over data resolution. The spectral bandwidth can be set down to 0.2 nm. (Many instruments on the market are limited to a fixed SBW of 2 nm)
  • Phase locked wavelength drive - prevents peak shifts and peak suppression at high scan speeds.
  • Double choppers - ensure that the sample and reference beam strike the detector at the same point, removing any errors due to non uniformity of the detector
  • The large sample compartment - gives you more flexibility in sample size
  • Centralized accessory control - all accessories are centrally controlled by the Accessory Controller, built into the Cary instrument. Instead of each accessory having their own electronics, the Accessory Controller provides the interface between the Cary software and the accessories. If your custom-built accessories will fit into the Cary instrument, you can use the Accessory Controller to control them. Even external accessories, such as titrators, lasers and pH meters can be controlled.


  • Cary 300
  • Cary 300
Cary 300

Cary 300

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Changes have occurred to the Varian, Inc. product lines. On May 14, 2010, Agilent Technologies completed the acquisition of Varian, Inc. (Varian), a supplier...

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E9329 Fatal chopper failure. Fault reported by the instrument software while calibrating

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