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The BioDLS allows automatic particle sizing using industry–standard well plates. The precision controlled sample transfer mechanism allows the user to select any arbitrary well to initiate the experiment, as little as 2 uL sample volume is required for a measurement, and allows recovery of the transferred sample. Samples can be stored in up to two 384-well plates in an independently temperature-controlled compartment, and up to 768 samples can be transferred automatically to the flow cell without user intervention. The measuring cell has independent temperature control, allowing thermal studies related to stability and aggregation on individual samples. These features, coupled with the high-throughput fluid handling, allow the sensitivity, precision, and accuracy required for biotechnology and pharmaceutical research on proteins, peptides, viruses and antibodies.

Benefits Include:
  • Automate experiments and obtain results rapidly
  • Conserves precious samples
  • Perform experiments with no consumable costs
  • Detect aggregation at its onset
  • Analyze samples without dilution
  • Use without chemical modification of substrates
  • Minimize toxic chemical exposure with robotics
  • Interpret data using established theory
Additional Specifications Size Range: Hydrodynamic radius (RH) of 0.5 nm to 3 µm, sample-dependent
Molecular Weight: 0.4 kDa to 20 MDa, sample-dependant
Sample Concentration: 0.1 to 100 mg/mL, sample-dependent
Sample Volume: 2 µL, sample-dependent
Sample Format: Standard 12, 48, 96, and 384 well plates or HPLC sample vials; accepts mixed vial and plate sample delivery
Samples Per Run: 768, 2 x 384, maximum
Flow Cell Temperature: 4 °C to 90 °C
Storage Chamber Temp.: Ambient to 4 °C, optional
Laser: 35 mW @ 635 nm, standard; 30 mW @ 850nm, optional; Variable, output power stabilized
Scattering Angle: 90°
Detector: APD (Avalanche Photo Diode)
Correlator: Brookhaven TurboCorr, Multi-t , research grade with 512 channels, covering the equivalent of 107 linearly-spaced channels, 100% efficiency, real time operation over the entire delay-time range
PC Interface: USB 2.0 & 1.1
System Software: Windows XP™ or Vista™ compatible
28 kg without storage cooling option
30 kg with storage cooling option
W:D:H 300 mm x 510 mm x 630 mm without storage cooler
W:D:H 300 mm x 575 mm x 630 mm with storage cooler
Environmental Charact.: Temperature: 10 °C to 75 °C, Non-condensing humidity


Features Include:
  • Extreme reproducibility and reliability
  • Up to 768 unattended measurements
  • Super low sample volume, 2 µL fresh sample, recoverable
  • Standard well plate and vials, mix & match
  • Complete biocompatible parts
  • Sampling sequence by column or row, auto-prep system compatible
  • Integrated, independent temperature control for sample tray and cell
  • High throughput, 36 samples / hr.




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