Molecular Devices GenePix 4000B Scanner


GenePix 4000B Scanner

The Axon GenePix® 4000B microarray scanner sets a new standard in the acquisition and analysis of expression data from DNA microarrays, protein microarrays, tissue arrays and cell arrays. This fully-integrated scanner and software system is a product of our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of precision scientific instruments and software. Each scanner comes with one Axon GenePix Pro software license.

It is the fastest, smallest, and most user-friendly microarray scanner on the market today. Our commitment to engineering excellence guarantees that the Axon GenePix 4000B is the benchmark in microarray scanning technology.


Features include:
  • 5 µm pixel size
  • Dynamic monitoring of laser power
  • User-selectable focus position
  • One-touch calibration and scanner matching
  • Powerful, flexible, and easy to learn and use.
  • Simultaneously scans microarray slides at two wavelengths using a dual laser scanning system, which dramatically reduces scan time
  • Displays images from up to four channels and three ratios as they are acquired in real time
  • Automatically reads barcodes
  • Precisely controls the scan area, further reducing scan time and image storage requirements
  • Automatically logs all scanning and analysis procedures in a Lab Book
  • Includes one Axon GenePix Pro software license for maximum efficiency and full
  • microarray spot finding and analysis capability
  • Backed by unlimited technical support.
  • Accepts standard microscope slides (1" x 3" or 25 mm x 75 mm)
    22 x 71.5 mm scan area with user-defined sub-scans
  • Standard dual laser excitation at 532 nm (17 mW) and 635 nm (10 mW)
  • Laser is controlled for constant power output
  • 5 micron resolution, high resolution mode
  • 40 micron resolution, pre-scan mode
  • Other user-selectable resolutions between 5 microns and 100 microns
    16-bit digitization
  • Dynamic range of detection: 4 orders of magnitude, linear over 3 orders
  • Extra-high signal-to-noise scan mode (accomplished by averaging)
  • Simultaneous scan of both wavelengths in about 6.5 minutes at 10 microns, or in 13 minutes at 5 microns (full 22 x 71.5 mm scan area)
  • Image acquisition of registered images—no post-hoc registration required
  • Detection limit of 0.1 fluor/micron² for Cy 3 and Cy 5
  • Simple USB connection to PC computer
  • Long-life mechanical design
  • Universal power supply (110/220 V)
  • Small footprint: 13.5" wide x 8" high x 17.5" deep (342 mm x 203 mm x 444 mm)
  • Approximately 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
  • Design protected by intellectual property


GenePix 4000B

GenePix 4000B

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