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GenePix 4200AL

A scanner shouldn't limit your science. You have complete flexibility to configure scanning and analysis parameters for one slide or many, all alike or each different. Use any slides you like—wet or dry, with small low-density arrays or whole-genome high-density arrays. GenePix and Acuity systems are compatible with all 25x75mm slide arrays, including Agilent, Applied Microarrays (CodeLink), Combimatrix, Invitrogen, Roche-Nimblegen, Whatman (previously Schleicher & Schuell), and others. Choose from one to four lasers, and up to 16 emission filters.


  • Automatically loads and scans up to 36 slides, then analyzes the images and saves the results.
  • Top quality data: Line-by-line dynamic autofocus ensures unprecedented field uniformity, even for warped slides.
  • Simple and reliable: You can store and scan slides in a single easy-to-load magazine, and our unique "never let go" design ensures zero breakage.
  • Powerful analysis tools: Available with GenePix Pro microarray image analysis and Acuity enterprise microarray informatics software—the choice of leading microarray laboratories.

The GenePix Autoloader tray is easy to load and holds 36 slides. Includes a dust cover for convenient stackable slide storage.


  • GenePix Autoloader 4200AL
  • The GenePix Autoloader Tray
GenePix Autoloader 4200AL

GenePix Autoloader 4200AL

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GenePix® 4200AL

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