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Nautilus LIMS

Thermo Scientific* Nautilus LIMS is designed for the unique requirements of dynamic labs.

Thermo Scientific Nautilus LIMS offers unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use while increasing automation and throughput of sample analysis. By incorporating automated complex plate-handling functionality and patented graphical utilities to facilitate data tracking and management, novice users can map and track processes with ease. Clients can create workflows, map sample lifecycles and automate actions. Manual and error-prone activities are eliminated, while throughput, productivity and accuracy are enhanced.

With its built-in instrument integration Nautilus offers productivity gains right from the outset. Full functionality for plate handling and manipulation can be used to track plate movement and genealogy, while standard integration functionality allows data to be easily imported without coding from a variety of analytical instruments. Nautilus includes patented workflows technology with a flexible and intuitive interface for graphically designing a workflow of the sample life cycle.

The flexible and intuitive interface of Nautilus graphically maps laboratory workflows to meet the needs of even the most dynamic environments. Nautilus ofers full functionality for plate handling and manipulation can be used to track plate movement and genealogy, while standard integration functionality allows data to be easily imported without coding from a variety of analytical instruments.

Nautilus LIMS has an intuitive web interface that aids integration and interaction with systems throughout the organization as well as other facilities, including regulatory agencies. This enables rapid access toup-to-the-minute data and information that impacts every phase of laboratory processes.
Nautilus LIMS
Additional Specifications Nautilus 8.1

Building on the great improvements in Nautilus 8, Nautilus 8.1 offers you better ways to search, find, & complete work, generate ad-hoc reporting, manage null fields in auditing, secure background password & database, and manage licensing.
Nautilus 8.1 brings these improvements by adding:

    - Auto-Filter Row in the enhanced explorer
    - New graphical query builder
    - Additional Explorer Exports to PDF, CSV, MHT, Rich Text Document, & BMP Image
    - Encrypted Background Passwords
    - New Background Wizard for setting passwords and auto-restart times
    - New optional password and wizard for Lims_User role
    - FlexNet Licensing
    - Flexible Null Audit Tags
    - New method for storing workflow events


  • Flexible, configurable LIMS easily implemented right out of the box
  • Developed in partnership with customers in R&D environments
  • Compatible with Microsoft* Office
  • Designed, developed and supported within an ISO 9001/TickIT environment

Recommended for:
  • Pharmaceutical companies seeing to accelerate new drug discoveries and improve time to market
  • Drug Discovery and R&D environments that are diverse in nature and able to change on-the-fly
  • Laboratories seeking data management solutions that are unhindered and move at the pace of their research, while still maintaining the ability to integrate regulated processes that adhere to GLP and 21 CFR Part 11.
  • High throughput environments that demand a purpose-built laboratory information management system (LIMS) that employs an intuitive toolkit so users can easily configure their system and get up to speed quickly


Nautilus LIMS

Nautilus LIMS

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I'm looking for an easy to use LIMS system for a small new environmental lab. I would rather something that is low cost but has most of the basics. I would like something that I can set up templates, track samples, import data from instruments...


Dears sirs I am a user of the Nautilus in a laboratory. The administrator of this system tell me that the Nautilus configuration not allows that, after a sample autorised and an error is detected, the sample can't be again open to register the...

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