Beckman Coulter LS 6500


LS 6500

The LS 6500 has a 32,768 channel multichannel analyzer which gives you an eight-fold improvement in effective resolution (0.06 keV per channel) over that of conventional liquid scintillation counters (0.5 keV per channel). This provides the basis for: DPM results without quench curves A more precise quench monitor Superior results for multi-label studies Automatic color detection and correction.                       
Program selection is accomplished through the use of command cards.                       
Counting single racks without command card (under interrupt in the Multi Task menu), single photon counting, and dual label studies. Entering user programs involves selection of isotopes to set spectrometer windows rather that actual window energies. Thus, if you wish to count tritium in channel 1 you would select 3H for isotope one (actually this is the default). If you wish to manually set the window you may do so by entering Manual in this field. Please refer the the manual for detailed instructions. It is important to note that if are doing a dual labeling study you should choose Isotope 1 as the lower energy isotope and Isotope 2 as the higher energy isotope. The lower limit for Isotope 2 is set the same as the upper limit for Isotope 1. Don't define multiple isotopes in singlely labeled studies as it will result in lowered counts.


  • Improved counting efficiency of dry scintillant                      
  • Can be programmed to accurately count dry samples                      
  • Advanced components make the LS 6500 fast and efficient                      
  • 32,768 channels, multichannel analyzer                      
  • Advanced photomultiplier design                      
  • Interlocking lead shielding                      
  • Windowing user interface                      
  • User-selectable output format                      


Beckman LS 6500

Beckman LS 6500

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