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Z1 instruments incorporate a unique, new oil displacement pump which delivers a high degree of accuracy and precision, and eliminates the need for mercury utilized in the traditional mercury manometers. The Beckman Coulter Z1 Dual Cell and Particle Counter was specifically designed for simple operation. Enter the cell size (diameter or volume) and press START. The count is completed in seconds. Clear messages on the LCD display lead you through all set-up and analyses functions. Calibration requires only several keystrokes; optimum instrument settings are automatically computed and set. The constant current feature of the Beckman Coulter Z1 Dual Cell and Particle Counter eliminates calibration drift due to changes in electrolyte conductivity and temperature, a very common problem with other instruments.


Mercury Free  
Absolute cell counts or concentration  
One-Button Calibration  
Small Footprint  
Certified to ISO 9001 by NSAI Quality Assurance  
Technology defined by the International Standard (ISO 13319:2000: Determination of particle size distributions -- Electrical sensing zone method)  
Listed by ETL Testing Laboratory  
Store up to 5 analyses settings (Profiles)  
Operator selectable size settings




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Check sample level

Hi everyone, currently my machine pop-up the error " check sample level ". Already check the level of the sample ( ok ), Drain and refill the sistem but the same error still pop-up. Anyone can assist?

Z1 pump error

My Beckman Coulter Z1 particle counter gives a 'resetting metering system' on startup, then gives a 'metering pump failure' message. I tried flushing the two tubes that are attached at the back. This didn't work. I can't get...

Beckman Coulter z1 Abnormal aperture flow rate

Hi everyone. Dealing with: '' Abnormal aperture flow rate'' error message. nothing seems to be clogged. Meetering pump and control valve pass all the tests in the user testing menu. Look like the pump is struggling to build a...

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