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The Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module is a high performance liquid chromatographic system with a quaternary, low-pressure mixing pump and inline vacuum degassing. Flow rates from 50 uL/min to 5 mL/min can be generated for use with 2.1 mm ID columns and larger. The autosampler has a maximum capacity of 120 vials (12x32, 2-mL) with programmable temperature control from 4 to 40°C. A heated column compartment provides temperatures from 5 degrees above ambient to 65°C. The detector is a photodiode array (model 2996) with a wavelength range of 190-800 nm and sensitivity settings from 0.0001-2.0000 absorbance units.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Depth 22.5 (25.5 in. with optional sample heater/cooler)
Height 22.5
Width 18 in (23.0 in. with optional column heater)
Power Requirements 85 to 132, or 180 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
Peak Power 950 VA
Weight 100 lbs (130 pounds with optional sample heater/cooler and column heater)
Additional Specifications Solvent Management        
Number of solvents: 1 to 4        
Solvent conditioning: Vacuum degas, two operating modes, four chambers, 0.999 coefficient of deviation (1 to 100 ΜL)        
Minimum sample required: 10 ΜL, using low volume inserts        
Column heater (optional): 20 (5 °C above ambient) to 65 °C, in 1 °C increments        
Column heater/cooler (optional): Ambient minus 15 or 4 °C (whichever is greatest) up to 65 °C, in 1 °C increments        
Instrument Control        
IEEE-488 interface: Control of Waters IEEE equipped detectors        
RS-232 connector: Output of ASCII text files to a printer/PC        
Floppy disk drive: 1.44 MB, 3.5 in. disk, for methods transfer and archiving,        
reportable GLP log        
External control: Empower™ or MassLynx™ Software



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Waters Alliance 2695 seal wash pump on during operation

We recently replaced the motherboard of an older Waters 2695 module (circa 2006) with a new ethernet board and installed firmware 3.03. The upgrade seems to work fine - the 2695 initializes without problems and communicates with an Empower 3...

solvent leak and restrictor missing error

Unique issue in Waters Alliance just like Waters 717 Autoosampler is that the needle at STREAM never leaks once we closes V3,V2 manually and then we checked it at WET and SEAL positions too. This means Valve 1 is okay However when we test V1 by...

2695 Gravity Drain on System... Can't find problem?

This has been an on-going issue. Any solvents I place on the system get dumped out overnight while the insrument is completely shudown. I have had a technician in, who proceeded to replace all of the valves, the GPV, and rebuilt the pump seals...

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