Nikon SMZ-1500



Nikon's top-of-the-line stereomicroscope, the SMZ1500 was designed with life scientists in mind. It covers a zoom range from 0.75x to 11.25x, and offers sophisticated accessories that rival that of advanced compound microscopes. This allows the scientist to see and photograph any specimen, from macro views to high-magnification micro visualization.
Microscope Type Stereo


  • Optional External Illuminators for Opaque Objects  
  • Wide Magnification Range  
  • Low-eye-level Eyepiece Tube  
  • Tilting eyepiece tube  
  • Large, Streamlined Base  
  • Coaxial Coarse/fine Focusing Unit  
  • High-end C-DSD Diascopic Stand Ideal for Low Contrast Specimens  
  • Diascopic Bright/darkfield C-BD Stand Delivers High Contrast Images  
  • Successful Correction of Chromatic Aberration  
  • World's Largest Zoom Ratio  
  • Easy-to-use Diascopic Stands  
  • Epi-fluorescence Attachment  
  • Standard C-DSS Diascopic Stand  
  • Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator  
  • Photomicrography and Monitoring  
  • Undistorted Images  
  • Objectives with Higher N.A.'s and Exceptional Resolving Power  
  • Built-in Aperture Diaphragm  
  • Standard Eyepiece Tube Inclined 20°  
  • High-eyepoint Eyepieces with Built-in Diopter Adjustment  


Nikon SMZ1500

Nikon SMZ1500

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Focus knob cover

I need sterile or sterilizable focus knob covers for my Nikon SMZ-1500, any ideas as to where I could find these?

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