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Reflecting over 25 year of expertise in advanced liquid handling at Tecan, the HydroFlex offers excellent performance, reliability and flexibility for a variety of plate types in 96-well format.

Its outstanding control systems set new standards for plate washing, with options including an online process control manifold that monitors all overflow-wash steps, and a liquid level detection system to monitor filling levels in wash buffer and waste bottles online.

Based on extensive testing the HydroFlex provides a unique proof of quality documented in an MTTF-record (mean time to first failure record) over more than 40,000 plates, typically corresponding to several years of successful operation.

The HydroFlex 3-in-1 plate washer is easily operated as a stand-alone instrument with its integrated keypad, or by using the intuitive HydroControl™ software.

It fulfills user administration requirements, including electronic records and signatures, and has been designed to meet the 21 CFR part 11 regulations. Additionally the HydroFlex for ELISA washing has been designed to meet the IVD 98/79/EC directive for Europe.
Shaking Pattern Linear shaking; high, medium and low setting
Depth 36.6 cm
Height 18.1 cm
Width 27.5 cm
Power Requirements Auto sensing for the settings 100 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 6.6 kg
Additional Specifications General
Display unit: Liquid crystal display with two rows of sixteen digits
Keyboard: Four key membrane keyboard
Number of dispensing channels: 1, 2 or 4 channels
Manifold types:
8- or 16-way for parallel processing of 8- or 16-wells,
8- or 16-way Process control manifold for online monitoring of overflow-wash step
Volume of solution dispensed:
50 – 3,000 µl in 50 µl steps for washing
50 – 400 µl in 50 µl steps for dispensing
Dispensing accuracy:
<= 2%
(300 µl dispense volume of wash-buffer, dispense rate: 3 , 8-way manifold, Greiner 96-well flat bottom plate)
Dispensing uniformity:
CV: <= 4% over the plate
(300µl dispense volume of wash-buffer, dispense rate: 3, 8-way manifold, Greiner 96-well flat bottom plate)
Residual volume:
Crosswise aspiration: <= 2 µl per well for 96-well flat-bottom Greiner plate
(asp. rate 3, asp. time 4 sec., head speed 10 mm/sec, 8-way manifold, wash-buffer in all wells)
Vacuum range for:
High Level Vacuum Filtration Option: -150 to -850 mbar
Vacuum range for:
Low Level Vacuum Filtration Option: -50 to -150 mbar
Interface: USB

Consumption: 65 VA

Specifications are subject to change without notice


Learn more about the HydroFlex 3-in-1 microplate washer for automated washing of ELISA assays, magnetic beads and non-magnetic beads, as well as gentle cell washing of loosely adherent cells.

Tecan's HydroFlex 3-in-1 microplate washer provides you with increased productivity and sparkling results by accelerating key washing processes for a range of applications such as:
  • automated ELISA-washing with online process control
  • gentle washing of adherent and loosely adherent cells
  • gentle washing of magnetic beads used for multiplexed assays
  • washing of small magnetic beads used for bead-based ELISA
  • automated washing of non-magnetic beads via vacuum filtration
  • automated DNA-purification after PCR-step via vacuum filtration
  • gentle washing of protein arrays spotted on segmented slides
    or into 96-well microarray plates


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