Titertek Instruments MAP-C II



The Titertek MAP-C II is designed for high throughput microplate processing. The heart of the instrument is the S60 Stacker that handles up to 60 microplates in two removable magazines.


  • 8 or 16 tip dispense manifolds for rapid reagent dispensing.
  • Easy to use, Windows compatible control software allows construction of an entire assay.
  • Column wash and reagent addition available - useful for fine control of cell washing steps.
  • 20/30/60 plate interchangeable magazines are compatible with other Titertek equipment.
  • 4in1 syringes allow precise reagent dispensing at volumes as low as 4┬Ál.
  • Deep well plates (96 or 384) can be processed with minimal hardware changes.
  • Inert liquid path is solvent resistant and non-wettable.


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Titertek Instruments designs, builds and sells laboratory instrumentation for the Life Sciences. We specialize in precision, microliter-range liquid handling...

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