Compact design and quiet operation (<60dB) make this unit perfect on a crowded lab bench or in a cold room. Automatic rotor detection system senses the rotor type and prevents the centrifuge from exceeding the rotor speed limit. Time (selectable in minutes or seconds; up to 99 minutes + hold) and speed (variable in rpm or rcf) are easily set using the keypad and are displayed on the LED read-out. All functions are microprocessor controlled. Conforms to International Safety Standard IEC1010 and features a steel plated rotor housing and double locking lid for maximum end user protection. RS 232 interface provides data output for computer control or data recording.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Centrifuge Type Cell Washer
Maximum Capacity 30 x 1.5 - 2.0ml
Maximum RCF 20800 xg
Maximum Speed 14000 rpm
Noise Level < 60 dB
Orientation Benchtop
Refrigerated No_
Power Requirements 115 Volt, 60Hz
Additional Specifications Swinging Bucket (rotor): 10,000       
Swinging Bucket: 11,700      
Timer: Digital 1 - 99 min.



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5417c completely dead

Our 5417C  will not power on.  Nothning on LCD screen.   Main board is getting 120VAC.       5 volt rail is only  measuring about 3.5V to ground. Bad capacitors somwhere?    

Eppendorf 5417C Error code 8 on normal run

When I go to run the unit on "normal" acceleration modes (that is not "soft"), I get an error code #8.  Working from the serivce manual, the voltage version is correct (120 V for Canada), the rotor pulses test (#8) appears...


Hello, Our centrifuge does not refrigerate anymore so it makes things quite hot when we use it. Would like some tips before going into the machine and checking it out.  Is this something we will have to call a technician to come in...

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