Thermo Scientific Piko Thermal Cycler


Piko Thermal Cycler

Thermo Scientific Piko Thermal Cycler delivers top performance with twice the speed and only half the size of regular thermal cyclers.    
The Piko Thermal Cycler delivers high performance in a compact package. Although merely half the size of other PCR instruments, the Piko Thermal Cycler meets the highest criteria in thermal performance and is able to complete a PCR protocol in less than 15 minutes. This is achieved using novel technical advances that allow significant reduction in PCR run times and overall size of the instrument. The Piko Thermal Cycler is an ideal solution for both convential and fast PCR applications. Piko Thermal Cyclers are available with two different block configurations: 24-well and 96-well. 24-well cyclers accept all standard low profile single tubes, 8-tube strips and 24-well Piko PCR Plates. The 96-well instrument utilizes 96-well Piko PCR Plates.
Piko Thermal Cycler
Temperature Accuracy .2 °C
Temperature Uniformity ± .3 °C within 5s of clock start at 95°C
Depth 17 cm
Height 23 cm
Width 16 cm
Weight 4 kg with external power supply
Additional Specifications Power Requirements: 100-240V input power    
Block Configurations: 24-well (well volume 0.225mL, sample volume max. 50µL) and 96-well (well volume 0.05mL, sample volume max. 20µL    
Max. Ramp Rate: >5°C heating and >4.5°C cooling    
Settling Times: Achieve thermal specifications within 1 sec. of start of clock    
User Interface: Semi-graphical and list mode programming    
Number of Programs: Over 1000    
Heated Lid: Fully automated and motorized function


  • Best-in-class thermal performance: Consistent results from well-to-well due to extremely short setting times and high temperature uniformity across the block    
  • Time savings: PCR in as little as 15 minutes enabled by fast ramp rates and quick settling times    
  • Reagent savings: Repeatable yields from as little as 2µL when using UTW vessels and heat sealers    
  • Space savings: The smallest footprint available, fits into a tiny bench space    
  • Energy savings: Short protocols and low wattage requires only one-fourth of the power consumption of typical thermal cyclers    
  • Repeatable sealing prevents sample evaporation: Automatic heated lid provides consistent and tight sealing from run-to-run    
Green PCR    
The Piko Thermal Cycler offers both premium performance and savings at the same time. With its low energy and PCR plastic consumption it is also a step to more ecological values in molecular biology: Green PCR.


  • Piko Thermal Cycler
Piko Thermal Cycler

Piko Thermal Cycler

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