New Brunswick Scientific MM-9 MediaMatic


MM-9 MediaMatic

Never has there been a media sterilizer this versatile or convenient! New Brunswick Scientific's new MM-9 MediaMatic Sterilizer prepares up to 9 liters of simple or complex media and agar formulations, in minutes. Storable user programs, operating parameter print-out, twist to open vessel access and three-instrument-in-one capability make the MediaMatic our best and most capable sterilizer, ever!  
Prepare media and agar, or put the MM-9 to use as an autoclave to sterilize media in flasks or sterilize small instruments and labware. As a waterbath, it accurately maintains liquids over a wide range of temperatures.


  • Prepares 1 to 9 liters of media and agar  
  • Three operating modes: media sterilizer, autoclave and water bath  
  • Vessel access is amazingly simple - no bolts or tools  
  • Built-in printer provides validation documentation of entire program and operation parameters  
  • Stores multiple user-defined programs  
  • Magnetic drive eliminates shafts and seals  
  • Consistent formulations ensured through:   
  • Water jacket design that prevents uneven heating  
  • 2-speed magnetic stirrer  
  • PT100 temperature probe for media & water jacket  




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MM-9 Lithium battery replacement

Help - got a warning (in German) about battery safety. Has anyone replaced the lithium battery in the MM-9 or have instructions? Thank you.


Looking for PM kit for drain valve

Can anyone give me a part number for the MM9 media matice PM kit for this machine.  I think my valves need to be serviced.  Thank you in advance.

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